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Sept. Newsletter
P.O. BOX 673, LIVERMORE 04253
Volume No.1 Issue No. 2 Date August 3, 2005
Trail Update
By Corey Pinard
The club has been staying on top of the trails this riding season, making sure all ATV riders stay on marked trails and avoid land that is restricted. We are trying to get out once a week to make sure the trails are properly signed, and that the
ails are safe to ride. We have been cleaning up and removing fallen trees that have been obstructing the trails. Filling in washed away trails and rebuilding bridges.
A huge amount of work has already been done by members of the club volunteering their time and materials in rebuilding the bridge behind Brettuns Variety that had been, all but washed away due to the wet weather we received in early spring. I am
happy to say it is now safe to cross.
With many other repairs to be made our biggest challenge will be the large swamped out section of the trail that sits in back of 108. Plans are to construct some sort of bridge for safe crossing and eliminate ATVÂ’s from riding down the road.
The time and effort put in by the volunteers is what makes it happen. Team work really pays off for all of us.
We can use all the extra help we can get. For more information on what you can do to help call 897-6108
Items for sale
Place your items for sale here and on our web-site.
35 words for $5.00
Watch for our up-coming web-site

New Officers elected for the upcoming year are as follows: President Chris Hussey, Vice President Jason Marston, Secretary April Benedix, Treasurer Brenda Pinard, Trail Master Corey Pinard, Assistant Trail Master Maynard Goding, and activities Fund-raiser Coordinator Kim Simoneau. We have been incorporated as of May 23, 2005.

The GPS on the trails was done with the help of Brad Jordan and the Grant Application has been sent in and approved by the State. We have 14 hours of trail work already done and more scheduled Trail Maintenance days for the next two months. Our goal is to accomplish 40 hours of trail maintenance during this riding season. Members will also be working on getting more landowner permission to open up more trails.

Schedule of events:
August 13 Trail Maintenance Ride--meeting at Brettuns 9:00am
August 21 Trail Maintenance Ride--meeting at Brettuns 9:00am
September 3 Trail Maintenance Ride--meeting at Brettuns 9:00am
September 11 Trail Maintenance Ride--meeting at Brettuns 9:00am
September 24 Trail Maintenance Ride--meeting at Brettuns 9:00am
In October we would like to schedule a ride in Rangely for the fall. We are planning to do a calendar Raffle in December, have a public super and a Hunters Breakfast.

Meetings will be held for the winter months at 971 River Road Livermore.
2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month in October and 1st Tuesday of the month starting in November through April.
Meetings start at 7:30pm

Permission Information
1. Do you need landowner permission to ride an ATV? Yes

2. Where can I ride my ATV? On designated ATV trails, land open by landowner policy or where you have landowner permission.

3.If I have ridden somewhere all my life, do I still need to get permission? Yes, unless it is already a designated ATV trail or the landowner has as open land policy.

4. If I am stopped and asked about permission, how do I prove I have verbal permission? Give them the landowner's name that gave you permission.

5. Have all the large landowners closed their property to ATVs? No, many landowners are authorizing ATV use through clubs on designated trails.

6. What is the fine for riding on land without permission? $100.00 to $500.00 plus automatic loss of all other licenses issued by Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.

Trail Information
1. Can I ride my ATV on the snowmobile trail? No, unless it is either designated as a duel use trail or you have landowner permission. Just because a trail is authorized for snowmobiles, does not mean you ride ATVÂ’s on it.

2. Are there any trails open to ride? Yes, there are over 3,000 miles of designated ATV trails and the number of clubs and miles of trails is growing.

3. How can I find out where it is OK to ride? The easiest way is to join a local club. You can contact the ATV program at 287-2751 for a club contact or you can visit

4. Do I have to belong to a club to ride? No, but we encourage it because the clubs are taking the lead obtaining permission and maintaining the trails, creating good will by addressing landowner problems, and they need your support.

5. What percentage of ATV registration goes to clubs and trails? After the cost of the registration, 50% goes to the ATV recreational management fund for club and trail development.

6. Can joining a club potentially give me more access? Yes, clubs are the backbone to the sport. They are obtaining permission and building trails and they know what is open and what isn't.

Law Clarification
1. Are landowners liable if they allow ATV use on their property? No, Maine's recreational liability law protects them and if it's a designated ATV trail the state also provides liability insurance for the club maintaining the trail and the landowner.

2. Who should landowner's call if they have a problem with an ATV on their property? Your local ATV club. They will work with you in contacting the nearest local law enforcement agency to prevent the problem from happening again.

3. I am from another state and my ATV is registered there, so do I have to register it in Maine? Yes, everyone is required to register his or her ATV to ride in Maine.

4.Who has to take an ATV safety course before operating an ATV? A person over 9 years old and under 16 years old.

5. Are helmets required? Yes, if you are under 18 including passengers but we encourage everyone. Safety First