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Trail Update by Corey Pinard
The club has been staying on top of the trails this riding season, making sure all ATV riders stay on marked trails and avoid land that is restricted. We are trying to get out once a week to make sure the trails are properly signed, and that the trails are safe to ride. We have been cleaning up and removing fallen trees that have been obstructing the trails. Filling in washed away trails and rebuilding bridges.
A huge amount of work has already been done by members of the club volunteering their time and materials in rebuilding the bridge behind Brettuns Variety that had been, all but washed away due to the wet weather we recieved in early spring. I am happy to say it is now safe to cross.
With many other repairs to be made our biggest challenge will be the swamped out section of the trail that sits in back of 108. Plans are to construct some sort of bridge for safe crossing and eliminate ATV's from riding down the road.
The time and effort put in by volunteers is what makes it happen. Team work really pays off for all of us.
We can use all the extra help we can get. For more information on what you can do to help call 897-6108

New Officers elected for the upcoming year are as follows:
President Chris Hussey,
Vice President Jason Marston,
Secretary April Benedix,
Treasurer Brenda Pinard,
Trail Master Corey Pinard,
Assistant Trail Master Maynard Goding,
Activities/Fund-raiser Coordinator Heather Lee.